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Cordyceps is a mushroom also known as Yartsagumba, Himalayan viagra, Keedajadi. Cordyceps is a proven source of bioactive compounds. It holds great potential for general health and wellness with no harmful impurities, thus has been used for ages in Asian Traditional Medicines. It is an adaptogen and labeled as Super-Food. Cordyceps when brewed in hot water, releases the flavour and active compound which are known to impart many health benefits and transforma routine cup of tea to Health Tea.

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“ It's amazing.i like it very much..its very energetic..I feel it from first day ..I feel whole day energetic and fresh.reduce pain in my joints..less anxiety now I feel.use it ”

Shalini Gaurav ˗ India

“ I ordered this product last week for my father, and i can see the results in such short span of time. He is now feeling much better and energetic. I highly recommend this product!!! ”

Akash Pratap

“ It is very good product. I'm taking it from past3_4 days and my energy is increasing day by day.Now I'm feeling more energetic..”

Deepak Singh ˗ India